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Al-Mustafa Homoeo Clinic and Complex was started by Late Homoeopathic Doctor Ghulam Mustafa in 1989, at Imtiaz Center, Main Market Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan. He worked empathically in Lahore; soon his services were become popular out of city. Then he expanded his work and established clinics in Karachi and Islamabad. He served more than 32 years in the field of homoeopathy; thousands of patients were benefited by him. He achieved many renowned awards from all over Pakistan. He left us sad in October 2021, but he is still live in our hearts and his founded organization is still flourishing day by day as a result of his prayers. He built a trained team of homoeopathic doctors in his life who are working in his clinics and treating patients with guideline provide by their Great Teacher and Mentor Homoeopathic Dr Ghulam Mustafa.

Homoeopathic Doctor Ghulam Mustafa was one of the Best Homoeopathic doctor / physicians in Pakistan. He successfully treated thousands of patients all over Pakistan. He practiced Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Classical / Constitutional Homeopathy) for children, as well as adult persons. He established his clinics in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.

He practiced homoeopathic treatment for more than 32 years, and made it popular among all classes of community and seen that Homoeopathic treatment is not only useful in chronic diseases but also equally effective in acute conditions. Having been in practice for so many years, he specialized in chronic diseases. He was specialist in Spinal Disorders, Kidney Disorders, Male / Female Problems, Diabetes, Hepatitis C&B, Stomach Disorders and Hemorrhoid / Anal Fissure. He researched on spinal disorders and had very successfully treated over thousands of patients and saved them from a spinal surgery.

Along with a Great Homoeopathic Doctor he was also a Great Human being who treated hundreds of needy patients free of cost and even provided them free medicines. He was true Muslim, along with Homoeopathic Education he was also PhD in Islamiyat. His wish was to build a Mosque and establish a Free Modern Islamic Education Center with fulltime hostel where students will learn Islamic Fiqa, Hadees along with science subjects. For that purpose he founded a foundation by the name of “Almustafa Kareem Foundation” and purchased 2 Acres of land in Akhtar Abad near Okara , Punjab, Pakistan. Where he laid a foundation stone of a Mosque by the name of “Jama Masjid Kareem (Safi Hasham Auliya)” whose construction was started in his life and it is being constructed by his son Abdul Majid.

Achievements & Awards

Homoeopathic Doctor Ghulam Mustafa had many achievements in his life and he had received many awards by honorable personalities from all over Pakistan and abroad. Here is a glance of his achievement and awards.

Best Achievement Award 2015 Presented By President of Pakistan Mumnoon Hussain

Best Achievement Award 2014 Presented By Governor Punjab Chaudhary Ghulam Sarver.

Best Achievement Award 2012 Presented By Scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan

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