Consultation services are available at our clinics in major cities i.e. Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, Where experienced homoeopathic doctors are checking patients on regular basis. You can visit any nearest clinic for better experience.


Online Consultancy

You can also get Online Homoeopathic Consultancy Services without leaving your home. This Online Homoeopathic Consultation helps you to take immediate action and make a start at resolving your health issues while simultaneously saving your time, effort and cost of travel.

You can contact us on our numbers to discuss your health issues with our experienced homoeopathic doctors, who carefully question you in order to build up a picture about your disease and find the most appropriate remedy for you. A homoeopathic prescription is based upon a broad interview with patient, please be honest in answering the questions. We assure you that we keep all patients’ personal information in secure hands.

Online Consultation Service is best for non-acute (non-urgent) matters which are a long-term (chronic) disturbance to your health.

There are only 3 steps involve in online consultation with our Homoeopathic Doctors.

Step-1: Discuss your health issue over phone with our doctors.

Step-2: Send the Consultation and Medicine Charges (Click Here for Payments Options).

Step-3: Receive the medicines at your home. And use them according to our advice.


Fee Structure

Consultancy Charges: Rs. 900/- (Consultancy charges are first time only.)
Medicines cost cannot be told before complete evaluation of patient history and severity of disease.
Medicines are available in 15 Days and 30 Days Pack.


Important Note

All homoeopathic medicines are Non Returnable and Non Transferable. All charges paid are Non Refundable.



It is not possible for us to check and work according to legal status of homeopathy in every country. Before you contact us for online consultation, please be sure that seeking/receiving homoeopathic treatment through Internet would be legally right for you. It shall be solely on voluntary basis and your own decision. You shall not hold us liable on this account for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or any other damages that may result from your online consultation.



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We are Expert in Treating Spinal Joints and Kidney Diseases.



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Clinic Information

Lahore Clinic

Cell No : +92 300 4246 717

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Karachi Clinic

Cell No: +92 322 7878 178

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Islamabad Clinic

Cell No: +92 322 322 7878

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